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Good quality Shade Net Knitting Machine for sales
Good quality Shade Net Knitting Machine for sales
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  • Production Line

         Every machine of chenye is designed by excellent engineers, processed by chenye Zhenjiang Branch to ensure the accuracy of

    every part, assembled and debugged by our excellent assemblypersonnel, and each process will have strict quality inspection to

    ensure the best performance of every customer's machine. When the machine isdelivered to the customer's factory, we have rich

    experience The Inspection Engineer shall conduct on-site debugging to ensure that each machine operates in the best condition for customers.


    ODM solution services
    Development and process:
    Changzhou chenye, with its professional technical capabilities and R & D advantages, provides customers with customized
    programs for various special warp knitting machines:
    ■ complete the whole warp knitting machine customization in 60 working days.
    ■ 10 working days to complete parts customization.
    Flexible ODM design process guided by customer needs:
    ■ demand management.
    ■ select the right key components.
    ■ professional model development.
    ■ design review.
    ■ cost, testing and production design.
    ■ prototype development.
    ■ test concept and benchmark design.
    ■ reliability, validation and customer acceptance tests.
    ■ quality planning and management run through the whole process of mass production to ensure the maturity of products.

    ■ complete machine customization
    Provide customized services for complete machine and system solutions.
    The whole machine customization service includes:
    * Complete machine structure customization
    * System assembly
    * Operating system installation
    * Complete system test
    * Certification tools
    * Customized packaging

    program development
    Changzhou chenye, based on a complete development environment and excellent R & D team, can quickly respond to customer
    needs and complete the machine speed pattern control program that exceeds the standard

    60 working days to complete customized service

  • R&D

    Customized service:
    Changzhou chenye, with its professional technical ability and R & D advantages, combined with many years of experience in
    customer service, provides customized warp knitting machine services for customers. Whether it is the development of special
    models or the customization of assembly lines, it can be completed quickly and shorten the production time of customers' products.

    One stop aggregation service
    Changzhou chenye has been serving the textile machinery industry for more than 20 years. It has established a stable strategic
    cooperation relationship with upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain. Changzhou chenye, together with
    Yibang and other partners, provides you with a full range of service guarantees, and provides a complete set of optimal
    cost-effective solutions from extruder machine to warping machine and slitting machine.

    Work together to ensure efficiency
    Since you put forward the first demand, all the staff of Changzhou chenye will become your most loyal partner, and will
    respond to your demand in the first time. Based on the long-term commitment to grow together with customers, Changzhou
    chenye's one-stop service system will ensure that the products you need reach the goals stipulated in the agreement within
    the same period. As a manufacturing enterprise, we are well aware of the importance of normal shutdown of production
    equipment. Through the support system and coordinated planning, Changzhou chenye's "one-stop aggregate service system"
    can comprehensively guarantee the reliability of production, clear responsibilities among the service teams of Changzhou
    chenye, and simplified management greatly improve service personalization and customer satisfaction.

    Customer oriented, customized
    Changzhou chenye has a professional R & D team, including operator skills, parts quality and delivery, maintenance technology
    and standards, quality assurance and plant environment. In the spirit of customer-centric, different requirements for customers
    will change in real time according to customer needs, and can provide customized service solutions.

    Over the years, through continuous contact with customers, we have learned that customized services can better meet their needs.
    Customers also prefer customized service solutions. For this reason, we constantly improve the customized service level, and can
    easily provide solutions formulated by customers' unique needs, so as to provide customers with the maximum value.

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